Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scan Results May

Hi Everyone;

It has been a while since I posted something, so if there is anyone out there that still checks in once in a while, I thought I'd share the latest news.

I had a scan at the end of May and got the results a few days ago. Everything is clean! No evidence of cancer that can be found. Even though I was hopeful, I was still anxious a couple of days before hearing the results. Needless to say I am very pleased with the news.

The doctors commented about my impressive recovery. Other than the dry mouth and the very occasional aches and pains in my mouth my life is pretty much back to 'normal'. Hard to believe that I had a feeding tube about 8 months ago.

Anyway, now I have 6 months till my next scan.

Have a great summer everyone, I know I will!