Saturday, December 12, 2009

This Week

This week was strange. I spent most of my time floating between work and bed. I wasn't really that sick but I was not able to be up without feeling a little tired and nauseous. I quite hate that feeling as I feel like a useless log that lies in bed all day. Hopefully I'll be a bit more productive this weekend.
I am still planning to go to Germany on Tuesday but I am terrified of the trip as well. This will be the first time that I am leaving my 'nest' and that I will travel without Angela for such along period of time. I am also worried that I will wreck everyone's Christmas by being the slightly depressed and sad person that I have become. I guess I'll just have to close my eyes and go for it.
I am scheduled for another MRI this Sunday morning as part of the follow up routine. They want to make sure that my bump is not growing. I am a little bit nervous about it but not too much. hopefully it will come back clean. Let's all think scar tissue again.


Anonymous said...

how could you possibly wreck our christmas? Having you around is the biggest christmas present for all of us. That's all that matters.

Wendy Broadfoot said...

**SCAR TISSUE** it is, all day today and tomorrow. Good luck Olaf, and have a safe and happy trip. I will miss hearing fom you, but know that you will be well taken care of by your loving family.

gina said...

Enjoy your time with family in Germany, Olaf. Sorry you'll be missing NYE here in Wpg. :)
Wishing you a 'clean' bill of health and safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Olaf, it is time for you to soak up and bask in the healing love of your family, and to give them the opportunity to do that. We will be happy to have you back home on the 28th, a stronger and more whole person. Love, Elizabeth for the Friesen Clan.

Anonymous said...

Olaf, you've been in our thoughts all along...hope the time you spend with your family helps ease your state of mind. Safe travels and a very very clean bill of health to you.
Jodi and Gregg

Anonymous said...

We have been thinking about you a lot, Olaf, and praying, and hoping, and feeling for you and Ang. Your family will be blessed by you at Christmas and I second Aunt Elizabeth's comment...we are waiting to see you at the Friesen gathering.
Jolene, Trevor, Jacob

khlm4 said...

Your family can't wait for you to be there. You've got another nest in Germany that will feel comforting once you're there. Our prayers and thoughts will be with you as you travel alone. Olaf, you are a gift.

Love Kyle, Holly, Liam, Morgan