Friday, February 26, 2010

Scan Results

Yesterday we got the results from the latest scan. Angela and I were quite anxious for the last few days.

The scan did not find any cancer. The infamous 'bump' remained the same size and possibly even shrunk a bit. The doctors seemed very pleased with the development and my recovery progress.

Good news all around. Now I have around 3 or 4 months before I have my next check. I hope I will make the most of it.


Laura said...


Wendy Broadfoot said...

I can't be more thrilled for you!
Great news, Olaf.

Anonymous said...

Danke fü+r die gute Nachricht.
Wer`s haben will .........
der kriegt`s

Anonymous said...

The journey was long and hard, and now you are free to fly.

Wendy Broadfoot said...

Hi Olaf,
I must admit that I miss hearing from you, but know that no news is great news. Carry on feeling well and enjoying life again--you deserve the best of everything, life has to offer.

Anonymous said...

Alles ok soweit ?

mail zurück ?

Wendy Broadfoot said...

Hi Olaf, I know that no news is good news, BUT, I would love to hear how you are doing! I sure hope all is well and you are enjoying life.