Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Tomorrow is the meeting where will find out the results of the MRI scan. Obviously I am extremely nervous. I had a really bad night sleep already. Angela is working all day today and she arranged a fun day for me and my friends. David will be going for lunch and a movie with me and Clint and I will go to a spa and dinner after. I am looking forward to the distractions.
Angela and I also decided to go to New York on Friday. We figured that it would be better to mope around somewhere else in case we'll get bad news. If it's decent news we will have a good time taking in the big apple.
I will post the results of the meeting tomorrow afternoon.


Anonymous said...

“Never, never, never, never give up.”
Sir Winston Churchill

Richard said...

Wish I was going to NYC with you. Great memories of our last visit. Have a wonderful time!
Keeping good thoughts, as always.
Love to you both!

Wendy Broadfoot said...

Have a great day with your friends--what a sweet and thoughtful wife you have. Thanks so much for the update and good, good luck tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun this weekend - it will be great to celebrate great news in New York! You know we will all be praying for you tomorrow! Looking forward to a game night my friend and GN!!
Hugs and hugs Elaine and Leonard

kevin Aichele said...

Hey Olaf,

Just want you to know that I'll be thinking of you and praying for you tomorrow. Man, what a relief it will be to have that meeting. This last week since the final test must have seemed like an eternity.
Like I said before, I really believe that everything is going to be okay and that you will be (as so many others have stated before) back to the old self you sometimes feel you have lost. The wisdom, strength, and insight you have gained from going thru this "personal hell" will only make you more of an influence and encouragement to the lives of those around you - those who love you, admire you, and have already been touched by your warmth and grace of spirit.
You are an amazing man Olaf and I am proud to be your friend. I can't wait to just sit around and write more gems like the "calculator" song. And trust me, the world needs more hits like that.

Enjoy your spa day.

Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Sending positive good vibes your way!

Laura said...

Well Olaf, I must admit. I was selfishly hoping you'd promise to let us all know how it went as soon as possible. I can only imagine how difficult this past week in particular has been for you. It's been on MY mind constantly. And the NYC trip is a spectacular idea. A great way to celebrate what I know is going to be positive newss. I can't think of the right thing to say other than I BELIEVE.

Ange and Steve said...

Good luck tomorrow Olaf. Our thoughts and prayers are with you here on the East Coast :) "What the mind believes ... the body can achieve." Have an amazing weekend!

John said...

Hi Olaf!

Good Luck Matee!(Talking Strine specially for U!

From John DownUnder in Oz

My thoughts are there for U today (and all those around U).... its nearly Thursday done here!

Be strong & positive! Relish & Plan many more trips to the Big Apple...


Nolan said...

You will be on my mind and in my heart today constantly.

I love you.

Laura said...

I love you too Olaf.

kevin aichele said...

Ditto on the loving you.