Monday, November 2, 2009


Before all the treatments started, David and I were talking about what was to come. I told him that I was afraid of what a person I would become after all the suffering and struggling that was ahead of me. His response was an inspiration for me during a lot of hard times. "They will bring you as close to death as they can and then they put you back together. Like the Phoenix out of the ashes you will come back stronger and improved. Like an Olaf version 2.0" I will never forget that moment. There were, however, many times when I wasn't able to imagine the 'Phoenix' that I might become one day. Especially during the emotional turbulent times of the last weeks.
David came to visit last week and he left me a gift behind. A small picture that he drew onto a canvas. I was very touched by it and I would like to share it with everyone.

Thank you David!


Wendy Broadfoot said...

What a dear, perseptive and very smart friend you have, Olaf. You will rise again!!
Take Care and thanks for keeping us in the loop, as I check the blog every day and get worried when there is nothing.

Laura said...

Olaf Version 2.0 - I like the sound of that. Stronger and wiser than ever but with all the charm, humour and warts of version 1.0 - because we don't want to lose all the elements that made you you before!

Nolan said...

I know, based on what you have shared so openly, that your idea of who you are and who you will become has been under serious threat but I have never doubted that you would come back stronger and better than ever.

You have always relished a challenge. You are who you are and are making a living doing what you are doing because you have faced down obstacles and powered through, sometimes by sheer, stubborn force of will alone. Though cancer has thrown a challenge at you that has tested the limits of what you are capable of dealing with, I honestly believe you will find yourself again, as David said, stronger, more vibrant and full of a renewed dignity. Indeed, the green shoots of that reality are already peeking through.

Richard said...

Well said, Nolan! I agree!
Onward and upward, ever upward!
Love always!