Monday, January 11, 2010

After The Last Chemo

I finished my last chemo treatment last Wednesday. The first few days after were pretty rough but by the weekend I started to recover a bit. Today (Monday) I went to work for a better part of the day without too much nausea. I think it will get better every day now.
Overall I am happy that my final treatment is finally over. No more beatings and not a moment too soon. At this point I feel that my body and mind can't take much more. Now I just have show up every couple of months for my scans and hope and pray that they will show nothing.
On the down side my side effects are bothering me a lot. My mouth is constantly dry and eating is still a real chore. I have to drink a bit of water every few minutes as my mouth isn't able to produce much saliva at this point. My tongue and throat are quite sore. As someone said on a website on mouth cancer: "radiation is the gift that keeps on giving." I am, however, optimistic that these side effects will lessen over time. I keep reminding myself that this is 'only for now'.


Wendy Broadfoot said...

Thanks Olaf, You are done and things can only get better from here on---you must be exhausted from all that you have gone through!!! I wish you daily improvement, mentally and physically--please know that my thoughts are with you.
Take Care and thanks for keeping in touch--now I can rest a bit more easily!

stephen m said...

Hang in there dude. The body does heal itself from most damage. Blessings of light and healing.

Kyle and Holly said...

Hi Olaf, I was thinking of you and thought I would check your blog on how you are doing these days. The relief knowing that this is your last chemo must feel great. I wish you the best and much healing in the days to follow.//kyle from the mts truck :)//

Anonymous said...

All I can say is: YAY!!! Vern

John said...

Hi Olaf!
All the best for 2010 Mateee.....things seem to be looking up
From John (Gurr) (DownUnder in Oz)

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