Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Far Away

I know it's been a while since my last post but here is the news for this week:
Angela has left on Monday to go for a 10 day work round in Thompson, Manitoba. That has been hard for both of us but we felt that I should be able take take care of myself with the help of my mother. The truth is that I miss her like crazy and that time slows down without her. Needless to say I am looking forward to next Thursday when she comes back home. Otherwise the recovery is moving forward with baby steps. I do feel better than last week at this time but the changes are small. I sleep for most of the day and when I am awake I am counting down the hours to my next sleep. My mother and I go for short walks every day and are otherwise enjoying our time together. Generally speaking I am still at the peak of the after effects of the treatment, and I am hoping that things will get better next week.
So, just hanging in there for now.


Wendy Broadfoot said...

Thanks for the update, as I was beginning to worry that things were worse, at the same time remembering my Mother saying "no news is good news". Hang in there dear friend and enjoy the time with your Mom, although as a Mom myself, I know you can't replace a spouse.

Richard said...

Small walks, baby steps ... that is the start of a new road, my friend ... a road to recovering the you you were (and are!)! Consider all those steps and little walks gifts you give to yourself. Consider them the route to wellness, wholeness and the wonderful time that lies ahead! I am so happy to know that you are up and about again. I can remember Robbie's journey back from his illness being incremental but each day is a reinforcement of the previous day and the strength returns bit by miraculous bit. Just as you told us about the descent, please tell us of the little day to day triumphs no matter how small they are, because as we descended with you, we also need to rise with you! I love you, my friend and can only hope the steps get bigger each day!
Blessings always!

Laura said...

Definitely great to hear from you. If you're interested in being waited on hand and foot at the Hawkpool on Saturday, please let me know. Maybe the summer was waiting to arrive until you were on the mend.

Nolan said...

It was SO good to see you when you came by the studio yesterday. I know it wasn't a great day for you but you made mine by just walking through the doors.

Thinking of you everyday.

Anonymous said...

I can't handle Dave being on the road for 5 days at a time! Especially if I'm feeling "under the weather", so I can only imagine how you are feeling! Know that the support of friends is not far away. Rest well. Kim