Friday, June 19, 2009

Chemo Day 3

Today I had my last of the first three treatments. Again, the session was short (about an hour) but today I really felt the effects. Dacapo had a BBQ party which I attended for about 10 minutes. After that Angela had to drive me home as I felt quite sick and nauseous. I spent the afternoon between sleeping, feeling sick and tired.
Hopefully this will not last for too long.

Ron and Laura called today. It was really nice to talk to them.
Stefanie dropped off some baked good again. She's awesome (and so are the squares).

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Rhonda Fischer said...

I just finished reading through your Blogspot...WOW. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and your journey with us.
I know that Peru must seem a lifetime away by now with all that you have gone through the last several weeks. But I wanted you to know that you and Ang are indelibly inscribed on my heart...and my thoughts and prayers are ever with you guys. May you know your God like never before...and find Him BIGGER than you have ever imagined!
Much Love to you guys,
Rhonda Fischer

PS By the by, I have a long history of being a "power-puker" so if you find you need some trade secrets, let me know!! :)