Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Winner Is...

Angela and I visited her grandparents in Winkler yesterday evening and spend the night there in a hotel.
This morning I talked to David for a while. He and Donna spent a late night reviewing all kinds of data related to my two treatment options. In the end they concluded that there was no real conclusion in their mind of what would be better.
After I finished that conversation I found myself standing in Winkler looking at Angela's grandparent's condo. I called them and asked them if they would have time to pray with me. 'Of course' they said. And so we prayed for some divine guidance in this matter. I have to admit that praying with a faithful and traditional Mennonite couple has a soothing and comforting quality.
Returning home Angela and I discussed the scenarios over and over. At that point I think we both favored induction therapy (chemo first). We also tried to reach Dr. Maksymiak at the clinic but were told that we was really busy today. He was kind enough to call us at the end of his day and we had a chance to ask whatever questions were left in our minds. He pointed out that the tumor was quite big and that the initial chemo would hopefully shrink it enough to make the radiation more effective. Made sense. But more importantly he had me booked for my first chemo appointment tomorrow morning at 9:30. Action! I'll take it. The decision has been made. We would otherwise have to wait another week for the radiation preparations and timing was a deal breaker for me at this point.

Now we have to see if it was the right move. But I am excited to enter treatment.


gina said...

As an indecisive person, I commend you for making such a HUGE decision. My thoughts and prayers are with both of you!

Laura said...

It must be a bit of a relief to at least have the decision made.

So glad you're able to take action! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning and always.

Anonymous said...

thinking of you! "pressing the big german thumbs" wishing I was nearer and more supportive. Love you!