Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pre-Chemo Assessment

Today we met with Dr. Maksymiak at Cancer Care. He discussed the details of the upcoming chemotherapy treatment with me. He told me that chemo has different effects on different people, so we will have to see how my body will respond. He assured me that there are many good drugs that can minimize the often challenging side effects.
He also pointed out that the team at Cancer Care is enthusiastic to attempt to cure me. Definitely encouraging.
The bigger news to us was that, in his opinion, a two months chemo treatment before radiation could show better results than radiation and chemo together. He would have to discuss this with the other physicians before making a final recommendation. I told him that I would take their advice on the matter.
The only frustrating part was that we still don't have a definite start for the treatment. This thing keeps growing and I can't wait for somebody to do something.
Angela and I decide to call often starting Monday to 'encourage' a speedy decision.

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