Monday, June 8, 2009

The Teeth

Our friend Leilani called on Friday night and said that she has a friend who is a dentist; Her husband an oral surgeon. After hearing about my case they encouraged me to see them on Monday. They felt that a second opinion by an oral surgeon would be a good idea, plus he would be able to pull my teeth in such a manner that might increase the healing process (and me could put me under if required). I gratefully accepted the offer and visited Dr. Tim Blight in his office today. He took a 360˚ x-ray of my teeth and concluded that only two of the four teeth in question would have to be pulled. He confirmed his opinion with two colleagues from out of town and everyone agreed. Good news indeed.

Then he said "We can do that right now!" Half an hour later the teeth were out.
Stage one completed.

After that Tim drove me to his wife's office at Polo Park where I got my teeth cleaned. Dr. Noriko Boorberg also made a mold of my teeth that I would need during the radiation treatment to keep them moist.
After that she gave me a ride home. Incredible people!

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