Thursday, June 18, 2009


It is now 12:30 AM and after sleeping for most of the day I have trouble getting to bed. It feels like the right time to talk a bit about the community of friends that have carried me through this last month.

Of course there is Clint. Being more like a brother to me than a friend he as quietly and patently carried the burden of worrying about me and continued the operations of our company by himself without ever complaining. Even though he doesn't say so, I assume that the last few weeks at work have been difficult at times. When Angela was still in Thompson during the first few days after the initial diagnosis he made sure that I didn't have to be alone by visiting and spending the night. When I woke up at 3:00 AM covered in sweat and panicking it meant the world to me that I knew that he was sleeping next door.

And then there is David. I always considered him a good friend but his level of support and involvement truly surprised and touched me. He has called almost daily to see how I feel and to make sure that he is aware of every development. He visited often and spend a few nights here, not wanting me to ever be alone. He regularly made sure that I would not have to go to medical appointments by myself and only after being assured that either Angela or Clint would be around, agreed not to make the hour ride into the city to be there.

But there are countless others.
Kevin, who left regular messages to see if I need company and to let me know that he is praying for me, Angus and Stefanie who left DVDs and baked goods, Laura, who sent gifts, Leilani who helped us make arrangements and dropped off a wonderful book, Leslee and the team at MTYP who called and brought gifts and many, many other people who left messages and emails showing their support and offering help in any way possible. Even my dentist called and said he would say a prayer for me. Angela and I found food items on our doorstep more than once.
I am sorry that I am not mentioning everyone by name but please know that every call, message and thought were very import to Angela and myself.

Those who know me know that I am an insecure person deep in my heart. I always wondered if people liked me and was often unsure how I came across socially. Cancer has taught me something that has given me deep contentment and peace:

My name is Olaf Pyttlik. My legacy is that I am truly loved by some very amazing people.

Thank you all for that.


Ralf said...

Hi Olaf,

after our initial shock yesterday (when we learned about your cancer) it comes as somewhat of a relief that you are taking up the fight! Well, that's how we got to know you: 'Bring it on; let's 'fight the odds'!
We were on our bikes all day yesterday (cycling around Lake Chiemsee in Upper Bavaria) with ample time for contemplation. When we stopped for the occasional rest (and looked out on to the beautiful lake) the conversation almost immediately revolved around our friend Olaf; your positive thinking, infectuous laughing, the easy way you put other people in your company at ease. And the constant 'buzz and beat' - music in your head and heart! Keep drumming a bit harder!
It's great to know you, man!
Speak again soon!
Love to you and Angela,
Carola & Ralf

Gene Fowler said...

Hey Buddy,

Know that my thoughts are with you, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about all of our laughs.

I look forward to reading your blog everyday and watch you overcome this great challenge.

Kiss that amazing missus of yours and hold her tight. Tara and I are thinking of you.

With great love and friendship,


Laura said...

I'm not sure you can even imagine how caring it is that you are keeping up with this blog. I know for people like myself who don't know quite what to do in terms of phone calls and visits it is incredible to be able to keep up with how you are doing without interfering or seeming to encroach. I'm so glad you are feeling supported and loved though it's no surprise to me. Thank you Olaf and Angela for this incredible window into your journey.

Sue Burns said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you Olaf. Thanks for sharing your journey of living with cancer. Your mother is a very wise woman... be sure to listen to her advise.

Anonymous said...

Hi Olaf!

I am thinking of you everyday. Everyday I make sure I send positive vibes across the pond and the prairie. the blog has been an excellent way for me to feel I am touch with your progress. Even though I can only get to the internet every few days, it really helps me feel like I am part of what is happening with the treatment. I cant wait to see you! Hang in there and keep on blogging! Love to you and Ange.