Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home Studio

This has been a pretty good week. There were a lot of hours where I forgot that I had cancer and life was almost normal again for short periods of time.
Physically things are very good at the moment. The chemo did not show any real side effects since Sunday. This has me worried, though, as I am afraid that it doesn't really do anything. I'm sure that that's not true and that I am just lucky the way my body reacts to the treatment, but one can understand my paranoia. My tongue is definitely bothering me most of the time, but the actual pain has gotten better since last week. I take less pain killers now since the chemo. Talking and eating is also a little easier at the moment. All of this might be psychosomatic but I take what I can get.
Stefanie and Angus came over twice this week to play one of my longer board games. We ate together, laughed and talked about all kind of things. The topic of cancer was the smallest subject of those evenings. For a short time it was Olaf's life like it used to be two months ago.
The biggest deal for this week was that I moved a carbon copy of my work studio into my home. Because of the risk of getting a cold or other problems during my chemo treatment, and my less than normal amount of tiredness, Clint and I agreed that it would make sense to build a studio at home where I can work as much as I would be able to over the next few months. Things are changing a bit at daCapo and we had a lot of extra gear at the moment so this was actually a pretty easy thing for us. Kevin spent almost three days with me during which we built a workstation desk and moved a lot of gear into my new home office. I am excited. Even though I needed the last few weeks to recover from the shock of having been diagnosed, I am slowly ready to be productive again. The fact that I can work in small portions until I get tired or occupied by other things is going to be therapeutic in the long term, I'm sure.

Well, here we go. Let's make some music...

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Jon Buller said...

Yes! Good to hear that you are set up to make music at home. Aldous Huxley said 'next to silence that which expresses the inexpressible is music'. Bring it on Olaf, I know you will be prolific, and pray God will give you those inexpressible times with Him while you create.