Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today is our 12th year wedding anniversary. Seeing that I will be tied down in Winnipeg for 7 weeks during the radiation treatment, we decided to go to Montreal for a few days to celebrate our marriage. We will be returning on Thursday. I have really been looking forward to this trip. I have to admit that being in our house for such a long period of time is a rather new experience for me and I am excited to have some distraction from my 'cancer life' for a while. So, now I'm writing this entry from the Sheraton in downtown Montreal. Happy Anniversary, Angie.
I am feeling rather well at the moment. The chemo side effects have become less and less every day. I was actually able to go to work for a bigger part of Thursday and Friday which was very nice. It was good to be around Clint and the rest of the staff again. The daCapo gang has certainly become like a family to me and I have missed everyone a lot. A few projects have been coming up for me and I am planning to get back to a semi-regular work attendance for the next month while Clint is traveling to Europe with his family.
For now it's just nice to be away from it all for a few days.


S. Manchuk said...

Happy 12th Anniversary Olaf and Angie!!! I hope your time in Montreal totally rocks!!

Keeping you both in our prayers. Love Mike, Sarah, Christopher, Ezra and Anastasiya.

gina said...

Bonne vacances à Montréal, Olaf et Ang!

gina said...

...and happy anniversary, of course!

Wendy Broadfoot said...

Happy Anniversary to you both--enjoy every minute of your time away from "home" and what that represents.
I am so glad to hear that you are feeling quite well--you will be a miracle!! Have a blast in MOntreal!

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary Olaf and Ang.
Enjoy your getaway.

Anonymous said...

ach mist. ich bin zu spaet. mama hat mich extra dran erinnert gestern, aber ich habs trotzdem verschlafen. Nachtraeglich alles liebe zum hochzeitstag! Denke fest an euch und wuensche euch eine wunderschoene zeit in montreal!

Nolan said...

In modern terms 12 years of marriage is a milestone of high regard. Congratulations to you both. Here's to many years more!