Friday, July 17, 2009


Tonight we got a visit from Angela's sister's family. Holly, her husband Kyle, my niece Morgan and my nephew Liam came from Steinbach to the city to spend an evening with us. Liam and I (and later Kyle) played a game for a few hours while the women went out.
This was the second visit I had from Liam over the last two weeks and I have to say that I very much enjoy my time with him. He is 12 now and overflowing with energy and passion for everything that comes his way. I see a young version of myself in him in may ways and I am often reminded what life was like at his age.
He is a great person, kind and caring, helpful and gentle but also full of life and enthusiasm. Last time we got together I was a bit sick and felt tired from my first round of chemo. We went out for a burger and while I was slumped in our booth, Liam tirelessly re-told me every detail of the movie 'Up' that he watched a few days earlier. After a while I couldn't help but feel better about myself. There was something in his enthusiasm and excitement that was hard to resist. Moments later he paused and said: 'Morgan and I were really sad and scared when we heard that you have cancer, uncle Olaf. That's because some people die from it.' 'I know' I responded 'And we're all hoping that I won't. Thank you for caring.' After that he passionately continued to tell me about the new additions to his collection of playing cards.
Liam is a good friend to have when one is stuck in a time of sadness and despair. Why worry about things that are far away in the future when there is so much to discover in this very moment.
Thanks, buddy...


Wendy Broadfoot said...

WOW! Out of the mouths of babes--aren't kids precious!!
Olaf, you give me so much when I read your blog. Thanks so much for being you.

Anonymous said...

Hallo mein Sohn,
es macht Liam sicher stolz, in deinem Blog erwaehnt zu werden. Es ist schoen, einen so lieben und mitfuehlenden Neffen zu haben aber auch ein solcher Onkel ist ein Geschenk.Auf die Sorgen aus dem aengstlichen Kindermund gibt es nur eine Anwort. Stark sein fuer alle die Dich lieben.
Aber erstmal gute Tage in Montreal, wir denken an Euch und haben Euch lieb
Mama und Papa

Laura said...

Think of all your regular blog viewers who receive all the gifts you bring with your observations and insights. We're lucky to have you.

...and Liam sounds like a great kid.