Thursday, July 23, 2009


We just got back home. Our trip to Montreal was tremendous fun. We shopped like only we can do, ate out lot and took in a few events from the Just For Laughs Festival. On Sunday evening (our anniversary) we got a knock at our hotel door just before we went out for dinner and a porter carted a beautiful cheese plate with a wonderful bottle of wine into our room, courtesy of Leilani and Julie. We were both very touched by that gesture and enjoyed our late night cheese and wine celebration. Thanks to both of you.
Overall, it was great to be away for a while but it is also good to be back. I am actually booked for a CT scan tonight at 9:30 PM already. So my thoughts are drifting back to my life with cancer, but that's fine.
Thank you Angela for 12 great years of marriage and a great trip. I am looking forward to many future anniversary trips to Montreal as we planned.


Laura said...

Glad to hear your trip was so terrific. That parade pic is amazing. Can't wait to hear what that was about.

gina said...

Welcome home, friends! Now that you're back, you might want to check out some great Fringe shows on the weekend! Don't Make Fun of Jesus is an absolute riot, and Altar Boyz is also top notch!