Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chemo Round 2 - Day 2

This has been a pretty good day overall. I got up this morning and felt pretty good physically. No real side effects from the chemo yesterday. I worked around the house for a bit and walked to my treatment at 1:30. The session was short (about 40 minutes) and I felt good enough to walk back home after. Angela and I went to the Folk Fest again this evening and I felt good pretty much the rest of the day.
My hope is that I will still feel like this after the third treatment tomorrow. The third day hit me pretty hard during the first round.

The big news for me today, however, was that I got a new friend in the form of a Taylor 814ce Guitar. I have been shopping around for a 'special' instrument that would give me some joy and keep me occupied during the next few months of treatment. After a lot of back and forth I decided to commit to this absolutely beautiful instrument that is way above the quality of my actual playing.

As I said, it's been a pretty good day.


Anonymous said...

Nice guitar Olaf. Glad you finally made a decision you are happy with. I got your message today and will give you a call tomorrow. Glad the Chemo isn't taking the wind out of your sails.
Like I've said before - we're gonna talk about this on a patio in Toronto. Love you!


Laura said...

Clint filled me in on some of the guitar shopping saga so congratulations on your new arrival.

Hope you're feeling ok after tomorrow's treatment.

Daria said...

I think that will make a very nice companion as you go through treatment.

gina said...

What d'ya think...should we try to pull some strings and get you on the main stage tonight?!? I'm sure Arlo Guthrie would be generous and sacrifice at least five minutes of his showtime. :-)

stephen m said...

Thank God and guitars for good days. Praying for many more. I look forward to a tune at supper group. Play on dude.