Monday, July 27, 2009


My weekend was nice. I went out for supper with Kevin on Saturday evening. As always it was good to see him. Sunday afternoon I spent with Angus on his birthday. Happy birthday, Angus. Last night our neighbors and friends, Rick and Kathy came for a visit and impromptu BBQ. Their presence is always a joy for me.

I did notice recently that my body is becoming more 'flabby' these days. Now that my pain is almost completely gone I am eating normally (maybe even more than I should) but my exercise routine has certainly suffered since I started chemo more than 5 weeks ago. I am trying to do something about that. I have been going to a boxing gym for the last couple of years in addition to my running. They have hardcore one hour classes that incorporate boxing exercises in a boot camp style intensity. I haven't been going for the last three months, using my cancer as an excuse. Today I went again for the first time. I survived and am pleased with myself about that. Take that, chemo! I am aware that there will be possible hardship coming my way in about a month from now so I am hoping to gain as much physically and mental strength during the next few weeks as possible. I am trying to focus on the well-being that I feel today rather than the fear of what's to come.
I have also decided to return to work again. My radiation doesn't start until early next week and I really don't have much of an excuse to stay at home anymore right now. Today was my first full day after 3 months and it was good to be back.
I am currently feeling that I am slowly returning to my normal life one small step at a time. There are moments when I totally forget that I have cancer. Sure is nice. The more I life with this disease the more I learn that a lot of what makes us enjoy life is controlled by the will and force of our minds this very day. I pray that I will be able to gather strength for the days when I don't see that.


Laura said...

Y'know Olaf, the thoughts you share on this blog are so helpful and inspiring for all of us.

So glad you are feeling well enough to be at Dacapo and working as well as working out. I'm certain it's going to help you with your power of positive thinking.

You are amazing - you know that right?

Richard said...

Pyttlikus! It was so great to speak face to face with you again! But, you know, I wish you'd mentioned it was your birthday. I would have sung for you ... and even maybe played the piano while I was doing it - it was right in front of me. Sorry, my friend, that it wasn't in my calendar permanently (it is NOW!) and, so, belatedly, happy birthday!!
I've read the whole blog and am just amazed at your strength and perspicacity (yeah, you'll have to look that one up!). You're an inspiration ... but then, I always knew that!
I'm keeping good thoughts and I know you are. Together, its ever upward!
Love ya lots!

gina said...

Strength of body, strength of mind, strength of heart...these all contribute to your strength of character, Olaf, and will carry you over the hurdles and through the swamps in the months ahead. Thanks again for your open, honest thoughts.