Friday, October 23, 2009


On wednesday night I had a good cry in the evening. Things just seemed so overwhelming and I was tired from being scared about the upcoming results.
Since then things were a bit better. I had a good day yesterday. After sleeping in I went to work for a bit and then we had our usual supper group. That companionship has been very valuable for Angela and me, since this group has become like family over the last ten years and we always spend time at the end of our supper hour to talk about our journey and to pray together. After that Angela and I went to a show at MTC to see Stefanie perform. It was good to be out in public. A lot of people were glad to see me and showed a lot of concern and seemed pleased that I looked rather well.
Today we had breakfast with Angela's dad and we're going to visit Donna and Dave tonight, which I am looking forward to. I really like being with friends and family these days.


Richard said...

I wish you could come over here and sit and talk with me for hours! That would be a great thing. But, in lieu of that, know that I am having conversations with you all the time ... in my head and my heart. Keep getting out and connecting. Its part of the path back. And, you KNOW how many people are supporting you. Onward, my friend.
Love ya!

gina said...

Maybe you could use an escape to the great 'white' (which is not-so-white right now) north to see the awesome beauty of polar bears.
Thinking of you!

Wendy Broadfoot said...

My thoughts and many, many prayers will be with you on Tuesday. Take care. Aren't friends and family just the greatest things when you really need support--you are loved by many Olaf--probably more than you realize!!

Anonymous said...

Supper group has taken on may forms over the past 10 years. Conversation, good food (especially my stew), games, caroling , its been and is a good trip. I appreciate the friendship which we have developed. The candle is burning.

Laura said...

I know it must be so difficult waiting for the results. Positive, caring thoughts are with you always.