Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The thoughts of the upcoming scan and the results are all consuming these days. the tumour is still in my tongue and I have difficulties to shake my nervousness.
One attempt to make it through the next couple of weeks if anticipation is to go back to work for a few hours a day. I have been going for half days this week and will probably continue to do so. It feels good to be around the daCapo crew again. I truly enjoy having Clint close by as well. It is often difficult for me to concentrate on work but I am trying hard to get back into the swing of things. I am walking there ever day which gives me a good excuse to do my exercise.
Unfortunately I noticed that my hearing has suffered quite a bit from the treatment, most likely from the chemo. Most things sound muffled and distorted. As you can imagine that is really hard to take in my line of work. I can't help but to feel that life is kicking me while I'm down.


Richard said...

And you kick it right back. Off the horse, back on! I understand the frustration with the hearing but I'm sure the doctors can give you some insight on that. Its SO good to know that you're getting back into the studio and focusing on other things, although I'm sure the physical keeps reminding you of other things. Keep at it, my friend. Know that my thoughts are with you always and I'm keeping a good thought!
LOVE you!

Laura said...

I'm glad to hear you're getting back in the saddle. And walking to work? You'd never catch me being that ambitious. I'm so impressed! But then I'm a fat, lazy old broad and you are a young, powerful alpha male! You go guy!