Saturday, October 3, 2009


We have a new friend. His name is Samson and Angela and I brought him home Thursday night from the humane society. He is a 4 month old German Shepherd/Golden Retriever/many other things mix that already weighs 40 lbs.
Angela and I felt that this was a good time to get another dog. He will keep me occupied and hopefully he will transfer some of his puppy energy onto me. Welcome to the family, Samson.


gina said...

It was great to meet Samson last night and to share in your excitement of drinking TWO WHOLE BEERS!!
(My word verification today is 'braversi' - I will translate this as 'brave(ry)', which is how I characterize you, Olaf, and your attitude towards your cancer experience(s) in the last few months).

Wendy Broadfoot said...

What an adorable puppy--soon to become a very handsome, and huge dog! You 2 will become fast friends and bring each other much joy--have fun keeping up with him!!
AND----HALLELUJAH to the "drinking of the 2 beers"!!!!

Richard said...

FANTASTIC!!!! So, bring him out here to Victoria!

kevin aichele said...

That's so great you got a new companion. He's really cute. Can't wait to meet him.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful little fellow. I'm sure you will become good friends. wish I was able to meet the new family member.<3