Monday, August 3, 2009

The Long Weekend

Angela had to work for most of this weekend and so I had some time for myself which I quite enjoyed. I worked out a lot (trying to gather strength for the coming week), watched an unhealthy amount of Corner Gas and played a lot of guitar while working on a new song for an upcoming project. In the evenings Angela and I were able to relax over some good food and wine and just enjoyed each other's company.
Today Jon Buller came for a visit from Vernon for most of this afternoon. It was really fantastic to see him. He has been supportive from a distance since he heard the news about my cancer through regular emails and comments on the blog. His concern had a strong impact on my day to day life here in Winnipeg. The short time we had today was very valuable to me. I love you Jon, please send a big hug to your family back home.
I was also able to spend time with my good friend Randy this evening who I haven't been able to connect with for a while. It was great to see him again. Thanks for a fun time jamming, Randy.

The big news this weekend, however, is that my mother will be coming. I felt that it was time to let my parents know that I would love to have them around for this rather challenging part of my life. My father was not able to take time off work but my mother immediately booked her flight. She will be coming during for two weeks at the end of August and early September. I am very happy about that.

Well, tomorrow is the big day: First day of radiation and a hefty dose of chemo. The truth is that I am scared and nervous...but I am finally ready to face the real treatment.

Our dear friend Gina sent me a poem this evening that I would love to share with everyone. Another touching example of the love and support that surrounds us. Thank you Gina!

'Twas the night before treatment,
And Olaf prepared
His pajamas, his toothbrush,
Not one thing was spared.

He knelt down by the bedside,
Said a meaningful prayer,
Then crawled in beside Angie,
And his feelings he shared.

'I love you so much', he blurted,
'And I'll never regret,
Our bond of friendship in marriage,
Your love and respect.'

They embraced one another,
And they both shed a tear
As they felt that true love
Melt away all the fear.

Olaf, I wish you God's blessing,
As you begin the next phase,
Of your treatment for cancer,
In the succeeding days.

Know that we will be praying
As the meds attack your sick cells,
And here's hoping that soon,
You'll be healthy and well!


Laura said...

In many cases the anticipation is worse than the actual event. I so hope this is the situation today. We're pulling for you Olaf and hope not only that it doesn't make you feel too sick, but that it kicks the #$%@ out of the cancer.

Kathryne said...

Olaf-I posted earlier that miracles happen every day. I have just witnessed another one. My brother had a stroke a month ago and this time last week the family was considering such awful decisions like DNR. During our visit last night he walked out to greet me wearing his "Life is Good" T shirt. His eyes were spearkling as he recounted being "asleep" for a month and suddenly waking up. This is the second time that he has been snatched from death having survived a leg amputation and subsequent heart failure. He is also only one of 3 patients (according to his Renal Dr.) do be off of dialysis after being on for two years (he was allergic to the dye that they used in diagnostic tests and lost his kidney function). He is needing more cognitive rehab and will be moved to Riverview this morning. When he heard the news last night-he considered all the implications and started singing his praises to God. His journey is still a long one but the miles we've convered in one short week have been astounding. I know the same God of miracles is caring for you. Love and blessings-Kathryne

Daria said...

What a great poem ... hoping the radiation and chemo were manageable.

Jon Buller said...

Love you too good buddy, it was great hanging out and talking about things that will affect my life deeply, and also just every-day life.
Talk to you soon,
Jonny B