Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 5

Today I started my 5th week of treatment (out of 6) and it is a rough start. I have been throwing up all weekend. Ironically I had no food in me. I haven't been able to eat (drink that is) anything for 3 days now as the pain to swallow has become too great. If I would have been able to, I doubt it would have stayed in my stomach for too long. I did receive fluids through an IV every day and that did help a bit. At least I am not dehydrated as well.
Angela, my mother, my mother-in-law Elisabeth, and I went to Grand Forks from Saturday till Sunday as an attempt to get away and hang out for a bit. We did have a good time as family but the trip turned out to be more taxing on my system than anticipated. I spend a lot of time sleeping or throwing up (once in the Target parking lot).
Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will be getting my 3rd and last round of chemo treatment. I am bracing myself for the impact. I will also have a consult regarding my feeding tube. This has been a longer process than I hoped. I will probably not get the operation for another couple of days and than it will need two to three days of healing before I can use it. Every one of these days means zero calories of food intake for me.
I am a little bit happy, though, that I have a layer of extra fat at the moment.


Richard said...

Still here, buddy! I check your blog every day for updates. I know they're not going to be all that upbeat at this point in the process, but I need to know that you're still ticking! And you ARE! Two more weeks, my friend. You've ploughed through and are still standing! You're on top of it and my thoughts are always with you! Your strength is amazing and inspiring! I know you can deal with it. The outer you might be experiencing the pain, but the inner you is above it all! Three ladies, you, and Grand Forks! Now there's a combination for you.
Strong, Olafus! Strong!
Love you!

Laura said...

I too am happy for the update Olaf. And I think getting away to GF is probably preferable to staying home and having little distraction at all from your suffering. I did end up getting to see Beauty that night and enjoyed it so much. Wish there was something I could do.

kevin Aichele said...

Thinking of you. Don't even know what else to say. I am thinking of you and I can't wait for this part to be over so we can have coffee in Toronto - your treat of course. :)

I love you.

Nolan said...

You have always been a strong and motivated person (you're someone I look up to and often envy). However, I think you'll be completely unstoppable once this ordeal is over and the cancer is gone. I'm amazed at your perseverance, my friend.

gina said...

I've been thinking about you every time I swallow during the last 48 hours since I woke up with a sore throat. I know the pain doesn't even come close to what you are experiencing, but you have certainly been on my mind a lot, Olaf. How many times do we swallow in a day?!?
Stay strong and know that Strength is with you always!