Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Mouth

It started yesterday morning when I woke up from the pain that I felt when I was swallowing in my sleep. It hurt. It kind of felt like trying to swallow a bunch of nails. That problem increased to a point that every swallow that I do (even just swallowing saliva) hurts a lot. I have also lost my sense of taste almost completely (which actually is preferable to the bad taste I had over the last week) and eating normal food becomes a challenge. I think I will switch to liquid food from now on. This is all over the course of two days. My concern is that I don't know where to go from here over the next 4 remaining weeks of radiation. Plus, I will be getting my second chemo round on Tuesday which I am also not particularly looking forward to. In short: things suck real bad right now. The worst part for me is that this constant the mouth pain one is also getting me emotionally worn out as it is always there.
I am curious to see what the next couple of days will bring. The good news is that Angela has become the queen of smoothies and that Boost comes in chocolate flavour.


gina said...

Hang in there, punch the pillow, stock up on berries and yogurt (for the smoothies), and keep praying. We're all praying alongside you, Olaf!

Anonymous said...

xoxoxox Love you, Olaf. Thinking of you a lot tonight! xoxoxox - Amber

Jon Buller said...

always thinking of you.
i almost hate to say it, but it sounds like the treatments are working, since the predicted side effects are now well underway.
my prayer is that the cancer is getting zapped beyond belief in the same way.
hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Love you man!!!! If anyone can take this pain it's you. You're in my thoughts always!!!


Laura said...

Thinking of you always. So, so sorry. Is there anything they can give you for the pain?

...if there's nothing else, I recommend ouzo.

Nolan said...

Boost to the rescue!!! Woohoo!

info said...

Hi Olaf
Ina und ich denken an Dich, reden über Dich, und wünschen Dir Kraft und Beharrlichkeit. Wir bleiben jetzt hier bei dir in deinem Blog. Leider hab ich bei der Erstellung des Accounts das Namensfeld übersehen, so wurde aus Tiko der kleine Info, aber Du weißt ja wer damit gemeint ist. Alles Gute aus Oerlinghausen und wir bleiben in Verbindung