Thursday, August 6, 2009

Treatment Day 2

After having breakfast with Angela and Matthew I went to my radiation appointment at 9:20 am. Same procedure as yesterday but without the Beatles music.
After that I went to work for a few hours and walked back home in the early afternoon. I felt pretty good for most of the morning but once I got home I fell into bed and took a 3 hour nap.
Donna, David and Hannah came for a visit in the evening and we had a great time chatting and playing games. Hannah, who is four now, is turning into a wonderful girl and it is always a lot of pleasure to be around her.
Overall a decent day. So far the chemo side effects have been minimal.


Gene Fowler said...

Hello my friend,

It's so good to see pictures of you and Ang'. I'm glad things are rolling along well for you. I think about our laughs chats and mocking of my fashion often.

Kissus to the missus,

yer friend out east,


Wendy Broadfoot said...

I eagerly await your daily updates and was glad to read that so far, fatigue is your only symptom--keep the faith my friend.
Our newest granddaughter, Samantha Jade, was born yesterday and her 3 year old sister, Katie, asked me this morning if her baby sister was "still out"?? Don't you just love the wonder of kids when life doesn't always seem so fair?