Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Treatment Day 11

Today started my third week of treatment. The complications with my mouth continued throughout the weekend so I wasn't in the best of spirits this morning. In the end it turned out to be a decent day.
I haven't been able to eat anything but liquids all weekend. It's funny how fast one adapts. I am not able to taste anything anyway so the prospect of normal food is already beyond my grasp and I'm fine with that. The constant uncomfortableness and pain is making me edgy and I am trying hard to control that through positive thoughts. No always easy, though.
In addition I will be getting my second round of chemo tomorrow. Second out of three. So I am guessing that I won't be on top of my game for the next few days.
Angela and I are planning to go away for the coming weekend after my treatment of Friday. I am really looking forward to that. She has been working a lot lately and I am excited to have some alone time with her. It's like a treat for the challenges that are coming my way throughout the week.
Clint is back from his vacation in England. It was very nice to see him again. I missed him and it is good to have him back.
I also realized that it has been exactly 3 months and a day since Donna gave me the news that I had cancer. 3 months. Hard to believe that all of this happened in such a short period. Life is crazy sometimes.

Two weeks of treatment are down. Four more to go. I can do this.
God, please grant me the strength...


Anonymous said...

Olaf, I am praying for strength for you also. Hang in there. You are such an example to soooo many. I love you and will be thinking of you tomorrow as you start the next batch of chemo. You can do this - I know you can!!!!

Wendy Broadfoot said...

Olaf, you are in my thoughts every day and I am praying extra hard for you now that the treatment is hurting you--life is not fair--cancer is not fair!! Maybe they will play some more Beatle music for you--hahahaha!!
I know it must be hard to stay positive when you just want the pain and frustration to go away, but you can do it!!

smurphy said...

You can do it and we're praying with you for the strength you need to find the good in life that helps you to carry on. Blessings of peace and healing.

Laura said...

Of course you can do it. You are a brilliant, extraordinary, strong man.

But having said that, I know it isn't easy and my heart goes out to you.

David said...

Dude, I feel for you right now. This sounds ridiculous, but I'd gladly do a week of your treatment for you just to give you a reprive. But don't forget my friend, YOU are a MARATHONER. You know a thing or two about endurance. I have a couple of simultaneous thoughts right now. First off is something I've learned from you: Nothing truly amazing happens without significant effort. I think curing yourself of cancer falls into that categroy. My second thought is this...if you think you feel crappy, think of what all of this is doing to the little cancer morsel that not-so long ago was the source of significant pain in your throat all by itself.

Fuck the cancer. Let it wither and waste into oblivion. You WILL rise from the ashes and in the process shed the pathetic gremlin parasite that was your cancer.

You are my friend. You are amazing. You are going to feel worse than you do today, but at the same time will be getting better.


Anonymous said...

heute ist schon mittwoch und du hast den chemo tag hinter dir. auch wenn es dir vermutlich noch mehr kraft nimmt, hoffe ich, dass die chemo wenigstens schmerzlindernd ist, so wie bisher.
bin in gedanken bei dir.